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Anam Jalil

Like everything in life, writing requires contemplation, effort, and a frothy cup of coffee ☕ (things just seem easier that way)!

Welcome to my vault of writing valuables where you can see what I have accumulated in the years after my MSc in International Business from the University of Glasgow. 

The shelves are stacked with hardcore facts, immersive storytelling, promotional content, and convincing copy. 

About Me

I've loved books since the cradle! Through good and bad times, books have been my support system.  Add strawberries, chocolate, cake, and coffee to that, and that's what makes me happy. 

My journey so far has been a rollercoaster but the type that plunges into the dark and then comes out into a field of sunshine and flowers, giving you a surprise of elation and euphoria. I am now a successful Senior Content Manager in a SaaS company. 

My Inspiration

I get inspired by people that are the best in their craft, and that's what I am aiming for! 

Although I don't believe in the term, "the best" as I believe everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, I  strive to ensure my work is impressive. That's how I get a good night's sleep. 

When I look back at my year, I want to see distance in where I was at the start and where I am at the end. 

Get in Touch

You can get in touch by sending me an email at 

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I am Maria, a Journalist & Copywriter

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Explore a featured selection of my writing work below.


Explore a featured selection of my writing work below.

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Freelance Work

Explore a featured selection of my writing work below.

4 best HR assessment tools for a good candidate experience

Many HR assessment tools provide a great user experience for hiring managers and recruiters, but not all focus on providing a great candidate experience.

A positive candidate experience is essential to strengthening employer branding and attracting and acquiring top talent. On the other hand, a negative candidate experience can lead to applicants not completing assessments, taking them out of the running for your open positions. It can also harm your business’s reputation.

That’s why it’s esse

TestGorilla vs. Byteboard

Pre-employment testing is an easier, faster, and more accurate way to identify top talent than traditional resume screening.

Hiring managers can accurately evaluate candidates based on job-specific skills and personality traits rather than relying on subjective information on resumes. This eliminates unconscious bias and leads to better, more data-driven decisions.

Using the right pre-employment screening provider is essential to finding the perfect hire. To help you choose the right option, t

TestGorilla vs. HackerRank

Pre-employment screening helps you make bias-free, data-driven hiring decisions. It lets you accurately evaluate a candidate’s true abilities and significantly reduces mis-hires compared to resume screening.

By utilizing pre-employment screening services, you can evaluate job-specific skills, cognitive ability, culture add, and more. This way, you’re always hiring the perfect candidate for your open roles – with less time and money spent during the recruitment process.

With many pre-employment

TestGorilla vs. Testgrid

Relying on subjective information in a resume can often cause competent candidates to be overlooked, leading to unconscious bias. It can also cause hiring teams to go through long, unproductive interview processes and increase your organization’s chances of mis-hires, both of which are a waste of company resources.

Pre-employment screening services help test candidates’ abilities and suitability for available roles by assessing job-specific skills, cultural fit, and personality traits. This ena

TestGorilla vs. Brillium

If you’ve ever hired the wrong person, or found that resume screening doesn’t tell you enough about the candidate – you’re not alone.

Luckily, there’s a better way to hire.

Pre-employment testing objectively measures a candidate’s abilities, skills, and cultural suitability for a role. This approach means you can rely on a data-driven hiring process rather than subjective data like resumes.

These tests also free up recruiters and hiring managers from time-consuming resume reviews and in-perso

My Articles

Punjab to crack down on tax evaders - Zameen News

Have you ever come across a person who evades property tax or claims that the property that has actually been rented out is meant for ‘self’ use? The Punjab Excise and Taxation Department surely has! As there are multiple offenders time and time again, the department has finally decided that the offenders have had enough fun – it’s time to close in on them by conducting a fresh round of surveys in the provincial capital of Punjab.

The city has many residents that hold immense wealth and astound

Why was the performance of Islamabad’s property market relatively slow in April? - Zameen News

Have you ever heard of how too much of a good thing isn’t always beneficial? Well, perhaps Islamabad’s real estate sector is a vivid illustration of this concept. In terms of performance, the federal capital lagged behind Lahore and Karachi in April 2016. Even though the beautiful city is home to several awe-inspiring real estate projects and this property market has immense potential, this was not reflected in the statistics in’s monthly market report, which will be out in a few days
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