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What is Email A/B Testing?

Email marketers have a hard job - their marketing emails need to be opened, clicked through, and then must lead the user to conversion.

It's not just typing out a few words, pretending to be the prospect's buddy, and asking them to buy something.

This is a process of trial and error.

You have to write and rewrite emails to get them right.

But, what happens when the marketer has more than one variation in mind and isn't sure which one to use?

This is where you can test customer behavior with

Put Together a Funny Email for Your Prospects

"No one will put in effort to read something that wasn't written with effort" or something like that. I read this somewhere recently - and it seems to ring a bell.

In simple terms, this just means that if you want your company emails to be read, you need to put your heart and soul into them.

Have you ever opened a welcome email and realized a few seconds in that the company has a great sense of humor? Or maybe you have read an email promoting a product/service and found a good pun.

You have p

Are You Doing Something Wrong When Writing Catchy Subject Lines for Sales?

Some marketers scribble a subject line after spending a long time crafting the email and just click send - only to find out later that no one opened their email because their subject line sucked.

When you are crafting a good email subject line, you are probably focusing on getting everything right. However, sometimes it's not about getting everything right, but the simple formula to craft a compelling subject line is to understand what you did wrong the last time.

In fact, let's not reduce thi

What is Zero Click Content and Why Should You Create It?

Since time immemorial digital marketing has been about the number of clicks you get and how much traffic is diverted to a landing page. The landing page advertises your brand or sells your product or service and to get your visitor to land there from other types of content or ads is a feat in itself - without even uttering the word "conversion".

In fact, that is also the gist of content marketing and what most marketers do on social media. It's all about that click - and digital marketers can d

ChatGPT as an Email AI Writer: The way to the future

It's a new era and the world has changed - ChatGPT is here and has produced astounding results.

While I personally believe that artificial intelligence is exactly that - artificial - I cannot deny that ChatGPT enables writers to save time and write faster with its ability to generate content within a few seconds.

While you can ask ChatGPT personal questions such as "What color goes best with black?", it can also help you draft personalized cold emails and significantly decrease your email writ

Sales Engagement is a Piece of Cake

You must have heard of so many terms such as "sales engagement", "sales enablement", "sales process", and many more. While so many terms may be confusing you, selling is still basically the same thing - find a product/service that other people want, provide it at a good price, and reap profit.

So why are sales reps and sales professionals going through so many complicated sales processes to optimize interactions and achieve more revenue? It's simple.

It is more difficult to reach customers now

How to Write a Cold Email

Writing a cold email can be tricky. Cold emails are unsolicited emails so your prospect probably isn't expecting to hear from you.

They are sent for several different purposes which can include networking, establishing a business relationship, or even offering a job opportunity. However, here we will focus more on cold emails that are aimed at eventually attracting business.

You have no previous relationship with your client so getting the prospect's attention can be an ordeal.

Secondly, your

Let's Talk about the Best Cold Email Subject Lines

After you write your cold email, it's time to craft your email subject line. So, what's the key to crafting a great subject line?

A subject line is a brief phrase or sentence that appears with the sender's name in the Inbox and is designed to entice the recipient to open the email and read its contents - basically, it tells the recipient what the email is about.

If the subject line works - it intrigues recipients or piques the prospect's curiosity.

Cold emailing is a powerful tool for reachin

How to Type Up a Coffee Chat Email

Imagine sharing a steaming cup of coffee with a big business owner who is about to give you a large lucrative deal! You both are talking about your personal life, found a mutual friend to chat about, and are just basically networking.

This is how most people build relationships - they find common ground or a relevant topic, choose something to eat or drink, and coordinate in person for a quick meeting.

Or is that the way things used to be done?

Now, busy professionals are all over the world a

How to Use Email Insights to Plan Email Campaigns

Your email marketing campaigns are a key component of your marketing strategy. However, what do you do after you are finished collecting email addresses, setting up your email client, and are done sending emails a few dozen times?

You plan your next campaign, but this time it isn't only based on a whim but based on different metrics to measure email performance in your last campaigns and redesign your email strategy accordingly.

So what important metrics should you look at to measure campaign

The Best Ways to Generate an Email List B2B

If you have generated email lists for email marketing purposes before, you are probably wondering what the difference is in generating an email list B2B?

B2B email marketing requires a little more contemplation because you have a limited list compared to if you were pitching to regular consumers - and there are several people involved in the sales process at times.

With B2B email marketing, your buyer persona is a company, though your potential clients are people and your job is to influence t

11 Useful Tools And Services For SaaS Companies

Running a business in contemporary times is no ordinary feat - and technology plays a big role in making business processes much easier. Explodingtopics mentions that 2022 measured 30,000 SaaS businesses and over 14 billion SaaS customers worldwide. That means there is plenty to go around.

However, with so many SaaS tools, which ones do you need to use? Which ones are going to make your work life easier? Here is a list of useful resources that you should consider!

Also Read: 3 Email Marketing

Go-to-Market Strategy: What Is It?

Every business is trying to sell something, which is why they utilize marketing channels to target customers. However, all of their marketing efforts are in vain if they don't have a proper go-to-market strategy or competitive advantage.

It is important for the sales team to be able to differentiate your product from others when speaking to the target audience and it is important for the marketing team to clearly address how your product/service caters to customer pain points.

However, what if

Ten Marketing Books You Must Read in 2023

If you want to become a billionaire

There is nothing better than learning the tricks of the trade from the experts, which is why you must learn marketing from business professionals. The year 2023 isn't coming slow and with the introduction of AI and several new tools, marketing has become easier and more complicated simultaneously - for both large and small businesses.

You need to concoct ideas that are made to stick, divert from the traditional way and sometimes consider the

Cold emailing: Is it annoying or lucrative?

We have been talking about annoying marketing tactics recently, and cold emails or unsolicited emails may be one of the tactics that top the list.

Sales teams often send potential customers emails without a prior relationship with them, to provide relevant information regarding a product/service and aim to close deals.

If you are lucky and reach the right person, cold emailing may be lucrative and if the sales team reaches the wrong person, they are likely to be found annoying and possibly eve

Passive Aggressive Marketing Messages: Fad or Future?

Have you ever seen creative marketing campaigns showing you a message smothered in passive aggressiveness? Messages that affect your decision-making process by giving you two options to choose from and placing one option as the most logical or ethical choice?

Many brands do this, and this marketing strategy is often used in pop-ups to get potential clients to give away their contact information. Potential customers are either offered a way to save money, make more money or pitched an option tha

Lemwarm Pricing for Email Warm-up and Other Alternatives

Over 83% of emails land in SPAM.

How often do you check your spam folder?

We bet you hardly ever do - and it's the same for your prospects.

Email deliverability is a big deal because if your email account is not warmed up or your email reputation is compromised, then your cold email campaigns aren't going to beat the spam filters and reach the Primary Inbox.

That's why many SaaS companies (just like us) offer a tool where you can check your sender reputation and see how likely it is that you

Social Media Retargeting: Touch Base Again

All of us see ads on our social media platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg famously said to the American Senator who was confused about how Facebook remained free,

That's why social media exists and that's how it makes money.

I guess that Senator was not on Facebook, but most of us are, and we are also on other social networks: Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.

When you see an ad campaign featuring a product, brand, or business offering something of value on these well-known platfor

3 Top Email Marketing Tools You Need To Use

Email marketing is all about taking your prospects through the customer journey via an email marketing funnel - whether you are sending them bulk or drip campaigns.

However, you need to know which email marketing system to use because it's not just about hitting send or just looking at the cheapest price.

E-commerce businesses have other requirements while businesses offering in a small exclusive niche require a different email marketing process.

You need certain email marketing add-ons that

Customer Lifetime Value For SaaS

When you begin a SaaS business, your customer acquisition costs are usually high. Your customer either has no idea how you are about to make their life easier or your customer is already loyal to another company selling a similar software product/service.

So how do you steal your competitor's existing customers? How do you penetrate the market and sink your venom into the competition's most loyal customers?

Would a high discount rate reduce your overall revenue? Would charging a higher price d
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For all those striving to make a difference, perhaps it is time to #CleanYourZameen - Zameen News

Living in a world plagued with consumerism, materialism, and individualistic attitudes, we must not forget that hearts are not void of altruistic sentiments and the world is not empty of kind souls. However, living in a nation suffering from bizarre crime occurrences, a disquieting security situation, and with the majority of the population living below the poverty line, being positive can sometimes be difficult. Walking along the roads and glancing at the physical state of our land, we may be f

Leadership is all about emotional intelligence and Team Zameen knows it! - Zameen News

The prestige of being a leader is followed by many responsibilities and pressure to get things done and to get them done correctly. Perhaps the most difficult part is constructing your persona and attitude to be both influential and empathetic, in order to be able to fully coordinate with your team. This is where the aspect of emotional intelligence comes in and while many leaders in organisations all over the world lack it, the leaders of Team Zameen do not! CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan, Co

How to make the most of the Property Expo 2017 Karachi - Zameen News

Attending a property expo and getting caught in a stampede of people may be overwhelming and while a person may be hoping to achieve a lot from attending the event, they may become slightly disoriented when they get there. Hence, it is always best to have a foolproof plan to achieve as much as possible and gather as much information as needed in order to ensure that you have a super productive day!

Review our event page, social media page, brochures, and other information

Look over all the in

Micro Content: It Keeps Getting Shorter

Micro Content: It Keeps Getting Shorter

A few years into the century proved that this era was going to be about things getting smaller: mp3 players, computers, cellphones, and even skirts and body sizes, etc. From iPods to the trend of size zero, the early 2000s saw it all. And businesses responded to consumers’ continuing desire for smaller products and mini-versions of what they previously had.

Before we jump in to tell you about micro-content, let us tell you what businesses were not prepar

SEO vs PPC for lawyers and law firms

SEO vs PPC for lawyers and law firms

Law practices in the United States are getting highly competitive nowadays, and while many firms thrive on reputation, using rigorous marketing strategies is also important in order to reach a larger or more specific audience. Even the biggest and most reputable law firms need to advertise or remain visible to their target audience in order to continue to thrive. In 2018, it was reported that law firms in the US spent about $19,000 on marketing out of every

Employee Commission Management: What a Relief!

Employee satisfaction is as vital as the customer experience. Keeping your staff and repair technicians motivated in a super-busy cell phone repair business is critical, and analysis shows that nothing can be more motivational than potential monetary gain. Hence, you must award employees commission on the sales/repairs they complete successfully. It is the perfect way for them to show love to the product or service you are offering.

“Customers will never love a product until the employees love

What Can Bad Scheduling Do to Your Repair Shop?

We are all aware of how important cell phones are to people nowadays. People literally feel paralyzed without them for one day as they are the prime medium of communication with the internet, social media, cameras, schedules and memos, and health and fitness apps all in one place.

Imagine a person coming to your repair store with their cell phone and asking you to repair it as soon as possible. Now imagine that you told them you would, but then 5 other customers came in with their devices a bit

Why is Inventory Adjustment & Valuation Important for Your Repair Business?

Yes, it is finally here; one of the most useful and highly demanded features to get your stock in control -The Inventory Adjustment & Valuation feature in Inventory Management.

Are you wondering how it will help you? Or what is exactly inventory valuation? No worries, let us explain.

Managing inventory can be a big challenge for your repair business with hundreds of repair parts & gadgets. Unsold stock means money is sitting on your shelves gathering dust. You also must keep track of which pro


How many customers do you cater to in one day? 5? 10? There may often be times when the customer changes his/her mind when purchasing products or giving in products for repair. You may want to change the price of a product/service, but previously if you were catering to them from the iPad POS Register, you would have to go back to square one and begin the checkout process all over again.

The key to success is offering a smooth checkout process and especially if you are letting your customer che

WORLD'S 1ST iPAD POS REGISTER: The Repair Game is Changing!

Sleepless nights. A lot of development and redevelopment. Ideas. Plans. Goals. A very dedicated team. And a robust roadmap. These were all the ingredients needed to come up with a top-notch iPad POS Register. One that made the life of cell phone repair shop owners super easy.

We have finally developed what we needed to completely change the repair game: Presenting the World’s 1st iPad POS Register– which was long awaited by our customers. The exceptional user interface, number of improvements a

5 Reasons the New SMS & Email Tracking Is All You Need

Owning a cell phone repair business means frequently dealing with automated email campaigns related to repair jobs. You may also face arguments with customers and leads regarding emails that you sent and they claim they never received. That’s why there’s a big YES for email tracking!

Email automation can be a big headache if not tracked & followed properly on time. How can anyone else rely on your business when you yourself aren’t sure about it.

You work hard on your emails. You rack your brai


The world is moving forward at an astounding pace and so is technology. Every day we hear of new technological innovations that are designed to stun.

The year is more than halfway over and we’ve seen plenty of marquee new gadgets; the progress of audiovisual, real-time messaging, chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrencies, self-service, etc. all present the potential for big changes in businesses running today.

Here are the most astounding inventions of this year, comprising of t

Get to Know Your Customers

Enjoy an enhanced “How Did You Find Us?” report

Regardless of what you may believe, cell phone repair shop owners undergo quite a bit of competition and need to invest in marketing. The only way they can appropriately do that is if they know how their customers found out about them and what led them to the store.

Accordingly, the cell phone repair shop owner can plan future strategies and pay more attention to mediums with high potential. They can also pay attention to other mediums that they

5 Tips for Dealing with Aggressive Customers

Have you ever been extremely bothered with a customer that just does not understand what you are trying to tell them? Has the customer resorted to aggressive behavior and shouting? We have all been there. If you have a cellphone repair business, you’ll have to deal with a variety of customers. Some will be right, and others will be wrong.

The happy ones will make you happy likewise, but once in a while, you will encounter the hyper customer who just won’t stop yelling. In the retail world, the

Drip Drip..Click Click- The Screen Holder Shower Curtain

Are you so hooked to your smartphone that you just can’t spend a few minutes without it? You are not alone. A study found that the average person spends approximately 6 hours a day looking at their phone- or more. This state is known as “Nomophobia”– popularly known as cellphone addiction. More than 1/3 of the average person’s life is about their cell phone whether they are listening to music or texting a friend.

However, no one ever used their expensive smartphones in the shower- yet. For thos

AugmentCare and Chughtai Labs partner to create accessible healthcare

LAHORE: AugmentCare (AC), a multifaceted healthcare app that allows patients to connect with doctors and pharmacies has now added laboratories to the list by partnering with Chughtai Labs, Pakistan’s largest network of laboratories.

The MoU was signed on January 4 in a ceremony held at AC’s head office in Lahore by Hyder Mumtaz, CEO of AugmentCare and Dr. Omar Chughtai, Director Operations Chughtai Labs. The ceremony was attended by key members of AugmentCare and Chughtai Labs’ management teams

AugmentCare raises $1m to revolutionise healthcare in Pakistan

LAHORE: AugmentCare, a complete healthcare app that connects patients with doctors, pharmacies and laboratories, has raised $1 million in seed capital – a remarkable feat that has not been achieved by many Pakistani start-ups.

The Lahore-based company has successfully enticed local and international investors in East Asia and is planning to use its acquired capital to increase its team and expand its operations nationwide. Team AugmentCare aspires to change lives by providing access to high-qua

Expert interview: M. Mubusher Hayat of Earthlink Real Estate - Zameen News converses with Earthlink Real Estate CEO M. Mubusher Hayat to gain a thorough insight into the realty sector of the federal capital

Though the realty sector of the federal capital has been showing slow progress over the past few months, it is still not devoid of lucrative investments options and promising real estate projects. Investment activity in Islamabad is somehow slow these days, however, this situation is anything but permanent. Simply put, the property market is unlikely to

Are instalment plans a blessing for buyers in times of tax distress? - Zameen News

Instalment plans are indeed a catalyst in the real estate market as investors are given the option to pay for their property in the form of small payments over a period of time as opposed to a lump sum payment. This makes it easier for them to purchase expensive real estate and also reduces the risk of investing a large amount of money at once in a real estate project which is in its initial stages.

In light of the current real estate scene and the imposition of excessive real estate taxes, pur
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